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Kubernetes Management with Wayfinder

Fast and secure container deployment for cloud

A unified experience across multiple clouds with secure and automated Kubernetes and developer self-service cloud resources.

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Quick Install

Try out Wayfinder for free with a one-click install from the Cloud Marketplace.

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User Identity

Connect your Identity Provider to enable SSO access for your users into Wayfinder.

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Group your teams and infrastructure for workload isolation and fine grained access management.

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Cloud Accounts

Connect cloud accounts to provision infrastructure, or let Wayfinder automate cloud account management for you.

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Cluster Guardrails

Define cluster plans to be applied across your self-serve managed Kubernetes clusters.

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User Access

Apply fine-grained access management to users and robot accounts across workspaces and Kubernetes clusters.

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Networking Configuration

Create and share DNS zones and configure networking to on-premise infrastructure.

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Self Serve Kubernetes

Enable developers to self serve managed Kubernetes clusters based on predefined cluster plans.

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Share infrastructure across multiple workspaces with workload isolation, fine-grained namespace access and cluster guardrails.

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