Kore provides all the advantages of container orchestration whilst sidestepping the complications of building your own system. Watch a demo of Kore created in April 2020 on our YouTube channel



  • Self serve Kubernetes clusters with best practice.
  • Cluster provisioning provides secure and consistent provisioning of Kubernetes environments for teams.
  • Accounts & Account Users provides a single source for access and control across the estate.
  • Plans and Policies allows the administrators to define the type and shape of resources for teams to consume.
  • Service Catalogue allows teams to self serve for pre-approved cloud services and helm charts easily.
  • Cloud account management; provision of account management with the cloud provider.

Getting Started & Documentation

The fastest way to provision teams on Kore is try it out locally.


We highly appreciate all contributions to Kore - whether that would be improving our documentation, identifying bugs or even proposing new features. Our contributing guide provides instructions on creating issues, pull requests and our contributor code of conduct.


The following features are currently on Kore’s roadmap (either near completion and merged or currently in the works)

  • Security compliance of cloud account and settings.
  • Operational review of deployments, versions, image vulnerabilities.
  • Extension of resource plans and allocations for teams.


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Apache License 2.0 - refer to LICENSE