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Version: 0.7

AWS Shared Accounts

An AWS shared account in Kore is accessed by way of IAM role(s) added to the AWS account you wish to use.


Before you can add a shared account Kore requires an identity to use for assuming any specific account role.

See AWS Account Identity for more information.


Normally only a single identity in AWS is required for Kore. The single AWS identity can assume the access required for any specific account without creating additional credentials. This removes the risks associated with creating more credentials.

Add a shared account#

Use one of the following methods to create a shared account.

To add a shared account using the UI:

  1. In the Kore Portal, select Admin at the top of the page.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Cloud > AWS > Shared Accounts.
  3. Click Add shared account.
  4. Fill in the New AWS Account form, and then click Save account.

To add a shared account using the CLI:

  1. Run kore create cloudaccounts --type shared. See kore create cloudaccounts.
  2. Run kore setup roles. See kore setup roles.
Last updated on Aug 5, 2021