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Version: 0.7

Predicted Costs

This provides visibility of the projected costs of infrastructure to both administrators as they define and manage plans and team members as they deploy infrastructure using those plans.

Enabling predicted costs#

Cost prediction relies on a metadata service which needs configuring with credentials for each cloud in order to provide pricing metadata. This can be configured in the UI in Admin > Configure > Costs, select the Estimated Costs tab.

For each cloud you wish to enable, specify an appropriate cloud account which has access to that cloud provider's pricing APIs. These are typically available with any valid credentials, so you should be able to choose any shared or organization cloud accounts you have added.

Costs: Summary#

Once configured, after a short time you will be able to see an estimated cost summary on each cluster plan, and when creating a cluster from a plan:

Kore Operate Costs Summary

Costs: Node Pool#

You should also be able to see detailed node pool price predictions in real time as you edit the size and type of your nodes:

Kore Operate Costs Node Pool

Last updated on May 24, 2021