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Version: 0.7

Get the CLI

The Kore CLI allows you to interact with Kore from your terminal and within continuous integration pipelines. All features of Kore can be accessed equally from the UI and CLI.

To get the Kore CLI, find the current version from the releases page and simply place on your path. For example:

KORE_BIN="./kore"KORE_VERSION="v0.6.0"KORE_ARCH="darwin-amd64"# KORE_ARCH="linux-amd64"curl -L${KORE_VERSION}/kore-cli-${KORE_ARCH} \    --output $KORE_BINchmod +x $KORE_BIN

To find help for any command, run kore help command, for example, kore help create cluster.

Last updated on May 24, 2021