Version: 0.7

kore setup

kore setup#

Initialises dependencies required to run Kore


The setup section contains commands to initialise various resources, such as cloud provider IAM roles and workload identity, in order to run Kore.

See the sub-commands for documentation of the things which can be initialised.

kore setup [flags]


-h, --help help for setup

Options inherited from parent commands#

--debug indicates we should use debug / trace logging (defaults: false)
--force is used to force an operation to happen (defaults: false)
--no-wait indicates if we should wait for resources to provision
-o, --output string the output format of the resource (json,yaml,table,template) (default "table")
--profile string allows you to explicitly set the selected profile
--show-headers indicates we should display headers on table out (default true)
-t, --team string the team you are operating within
--verbose enables verbose logging for debugging purposes (defaults: false)


  • kore - kore provides a cli for the Kore
  • kore setup cloudidentity - Creates the IAM resources required in your cloud provider to run Kore with implicit cloud identity
  • kore setup roles - Creates the access privileges required in your cloud provider to use Kore features