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Version: 0.7

Configuring Auth0 for Kore

Auth0 provides an enterprise SAAS identity provider. Sign up for an account from the home page, then from the dashboard side menu choose Applications and then Create Application

Give the application a name and choose Regular Web Applications

Once provisioned click on the Settings tab and scroll down to Allowed Callback URLs. These are permitted redirects for the applications. If you are running locally to test out Kore, you will use localhost for these:


When you are configuring your full installation of Kore, you will need to include the correct URLs used by your instance here, for example:,

Make a note of the [Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret], these will be used when configuring Kore.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings and click the Show Advanced Settings, choose the OAuth tab and ensure that the JsonWebToken Signature Algorithm is set to RS256 and OIDC Conformant is toggled on.

Configuring users#

From Auth0 dashboard side menu select Users & Roles setting:

  • Create a user by selecting 'Users'.
  • Create a role by selecting 'Roles'.
  • Add the role to the user.
Last updated on May 24, 2021