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Version: 0.8

Get Started Using Kore

The Developer Guide contains information on how to use Kore to provision infrastructure for, and deploy, your applications.

Get started with the basics#

First check out these topics:

Get into a team#

Everything you can do in Kore is related to a specific team and your permissions within that team. There are three different ways to become a member of a team:

  • You are added by a team admin.
  • You are sent an invitation link.
  • You create a team, which you own/administer.

Once you're in a team, you can:

Team admins#

As a team administrator, you can also:

  • Promote team members to be team admins.
  • Administer your team's role-based access (RBAC) by creating policies for how members can assume roles, or assign them to robots. For more information, see the RBAC section.

Provision infrastrcture for your apps and team#

Build and deploy applications#

Last updated on Jun 24, 2021