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Version: 0.9

User Management

The Install topic includes details on configuring a single-sign-on (SSO) IDP for Kore which is strongly recommended as it avoids the need to manage local user authentication in Kore.

For information on types of Kore users and their privileges, see Users and privileges.

Adding users#

If you are using an SSO IDP, users in your organisation will be able to log in to Kore directly. Existing team users can invite other users directly to those teams, even if they have not logged in to Kore before, using an invite link.

If you are not using an SSO IDP, or want to add an additional non-SSO user, you can do this from the CLI, with two steps:

kore create user -E# Add a basic auth identity to the user. Add '--password -' to# accept a password on stdin, else you will be prompted for the# password.kore create identity basicauth -u [--password -]

See kore create user and kore create identity basicauth in the CLI reference for more details and options you can provide.

Adding an existing user to a team#

You can add existing users, SSO or local, to a team using the kore create member CLI command or via the team's Members page on the UI.

kore create member -u -t devteam

If the user does not already exist, the CLI can generate an invite link or you can find the invite link on the team Members page.

Manage via CI Pipeline#

Like everything in Kore, all things are resources and can be managed within the confines of a traditional pipeline.

Here's an example of how you might define a user and its membership to one or more teams from YAML files:

kore apply -f - <<EOF---apiVersion: Usermetadata:  name: kore@appvia.iospec:  disabled: false  email:  username: kore@appvia.ioEOF
# Adding the user to one or more teamskore apply -f - <<EOF---apiVersion: TeamMembermetadata:  name:  namespace: devsspec:  username: TeamMembermetadata:  name:  namespace: prodspec:  username: kore@appvia.ioEOF
# View the membership of the user$ kore whoami
# Or from context of the team$ kore get members -t dev$ kore get members -t prod
Last updated on Aug 5, 2021