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Version: 0.9

Using the Kore UI

You can interact with Kore in two ways - via the portal or via the Kore CLI. Both of these offer similar capabilities, and you can accomplish most tasks through either interface.

Logging in to Kore#

To access the portal, browse to the URL given to you by your Kore administrator (see the install guide if that is you) - typically, something like

This will offer you the option to log in using your identity provider. To login using a local user, please visit /login/local.

Choosing or creating a team#

When you first log in to the Kore Operate UI, you will be guided to select or create a team. See Select a team in the UI.

What can I do from here?#

Once you are logged in and inside your team, you can start to create and use clusters, understand DNS, configure robot tokens for your CI system to talk to Kore, and more.

To understand all of these features, head to the using Kore section.

Team menu

Administering Kore#

If you are setting up or administering Kore in your organization, the Admin link available at the top of every page allows you to enter the administrative section of the Kore portal, where you can set up cloud access, cluster plans, policies and more. Head to the Administration section to understand everything about configuring Kore.

Administration home page

Last updated on Aug 5, 2021