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Version: 1.0

Cloud Accounts and Environments

Cloud accounts are AWS cloud accounts, GCP projects, or Azure subscriptions. If organization account automation is set up, a managed cloud account associated with a stage is called a cloud environment. Cloud environments can be created in two ways:

  • When you create a cluster and choose to use a Wayfinder-managed account, Wayfinder automatically creates a cloud account for you if one does not already exist. Since the managed account is associated with a stage in the cluster settings, this creates a cloud environment, visible in the Cloud environemnts page.

  • If you want to create a Wayfinder-managed account without creating a cluster in Wayfinder, you can do so in the Cloud environments page in the UI, or by running wf create cloudaccounts in the CLI. If you wish, you can create clusters in Wayfinder later using this account.

This topic focuses on the second option above.


Cloud environments are associated with Wayfinder managed accounts, therefore, organization account automation must be set up in order to see cloud environments in the UI.

Create a cloud environment​

Cloud environments are cloud accounts associated with a development stage, such as production or non production. Each workspace in Wayfinder can have one cloud environment per cloud, per development stage. You do not need to supply credentials because the Wayfinder administrator would supply these during configuration as part of Wayfinder's account automation.

To create a cloud environment/account:

  1. In the Wayfinder UI, navigate to Resources > Cloud Environments.

    cloud environments

  2. Click the Add button to add an environment in a specific cloud:

    • Add AWS
    • Add Azure
    • Add GCP

    You'll only see buttons for the clouds and development stages you don't currently have accounts for.

  3. In the Add cloud account dialog, select a development Stage, and then click Create.

    Your environment is created and appears in the Cloud Environments page.


wf create cloudaccounts

Create a cluster in an existing cloud environment​

To create a cluster in an existing cloud environment:

  1. Use either of the following methods:

    • In the Resources > Cloud Environments page, click Create new cluster in the environment you want to create the cluster inβ€”see the image above.

    • In the Resources > Clusters page, click New cluster. If you choose to use a Wayfinder-managed account in your selected cloud, Wayfinder uses the appropriate environment/account if one exists. If it doesn't exist, Wayfinder creates the environment, and then displays it in the Cloud Environments page.

Both methods use the same Create a new cluster dialog.

Delete a cloud environment​

You cannot delete a cloud environment in Wayfinder. You must use the cloud provider's CLI or console to delete an account.