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Version: 1.6

User Identity Providers

After you install Wayfinder, we recommend configuring an identity provider (IDP) to authenticate users to Wayfinder. Configuring an IDP removes the need to administer users directly in Wayfinder. Wayfinder uses the same provider for both CLI and UI access.

Wayfinder's authentication system has been tested with Auth0, Okta, Google Identity and Microsoft Azure.

If you are unable to use an IDP, you can configure users using local username/password authentication in Wayfinder.

Configuring a single-sign on (SSO) IDP

Wayfinder supports Open ID Connect (OIDC) for integrating with identity providers. You can integrate with any provider by providing the following details:

  1. Server URL
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret

If you need advice on integrating your existing single-sign on infrastructure with Wayfinder, please get in touch and we will be happy to help out.

For detailed information on integrating the following providers, see these links:


If you change your IDP configuration to a different provider, any user who is not associated with the same email address in the new provider will lose access to their Wayfinder account.