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Estimated Costs

This provides visibility of the projected costs of infrastructure to both administrators as they define and manage plans and workspace members as they deploy infrastructure using those plans.

Enable estimated costs

To enable estimated costs for a cloud provider, you must have at least one cloud account configured for that cloud with the Estimated Costs feature enabled. Once this is done, Wayfinder pulls regions, instance types and current pricing for that cloud provider and keeps it refreshed every few hours.

Enable costs in an account

To enable estimated and/or actual costs in an account:

  1. In Wayfinder settings > Cloud accounts, find the account you want in either the Organizations or Shared accounts page, and then click Edit.

  2. Enable the slider buttons for Cost Estimates for estimates and/or Cost Audit for actual costs.

    Slider buttons for estimated and actual costs in account settings

  3. Click Save account.

For more information on setting up cloud accounts see Cloud Accounts Overview.

Where you will see estimated costs

Cost summary on cluster plans and when creating a cluster

In order to see cost estimates, both of the following must be true:

  • The selected account for the cluster must have Estimated Costs enabled.
  • The Wayfinder admin must enable estimated costs.

Once configured, after a short time you will be able to see an estimated cost summary on each cluster plan. Workspace members will also be able to see cost estimates when creating a cluster, as in this example:

Wayfinder Costs Summary


If a GKE cluster is set to Private cluster, you also see a cost estimate for GKE cloudNAT.

Node pool cost estimates

Workspace members will also see detailed node pool price estimates in real time as they edit the size and type of nodes on their clusters, as in this example:

Wayfinder Costs Node Pool