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Version: 2.3

Networking Overview


When creating clusters for workspaces, Wayfinder creates networks and assigns network ranges. This can be controlled and enhanced in order to provide private clusters, managed network ranges, and peering between networks within a single cloud provider.

Managing IP address ranges

If you intend to peer your clusters to each other, or to existing networks (either in cloud or not), you must configure network ranges for Wayfinder to allocate such that the IP address ranges used by each cluster do not clash with each other.

See IP Management for full instructions on allocating network ranges.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network peering

Wayfinder supports VPC network peering in all three cloud vendors, using either direct peering or hub and spoke models, which include AWS Transit Gateway.

You can use peering rules to facilitate private clusters, but they can also provide a means of wiring up external networks or backbones.

For more information, see:

Creating managed Domain Name System (DNS) zones

Setting up managed DNS zones makes it convenient for developers to have readily available DNS zones to be used for application endpoints.

For details, see Managing DNS Zones.