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Version: 2.3

Pod Security Standards

Wayfinder comes with Pod Security Standards (PSS) enabled as the default setting in all cluster plans that are shipped with Wayfinder. This means PSS labels are added to all new Wayfinder-managed namespaces (NamespaceClaims). PSS is set to a baseline level of restriction for all 'standard' plans and to restricted for all 'hardened' plans. You can change this at a global level by creating your own cluster plans and either disable PSS or change the level of the policy restriction (defaultProfile).

Below is an example of a 'standard' Custom Resource Definition (yaml) of a cluster plan that is shipped with Wayfinder. Note that defaultProfile is set to baseline.

enabled: true
defaultProfile: baseline
allowed: ["restricted", "baseline", "privileged"]

See Manually add a new cluster plan for a detailed look at a cluster plan definition.

For more information on PSS, see the Kubernetes documentation.

Change how PSS is applied

Change PSS at a global level

To disable PSS or change the restriction level:


Wayfinder's default cluster plans are read-only. If you want to update the PSS, you need to make a copy and then edit the copied plan as needed. Thereafter, specify your copy of the cluster plan when creating clusters. For more information on how to create your own cluster plans, click here.

  1. Edit the yaml definition of one or more cluster plans:

    • To disable PSS globally, set to false.

    • To change the restriction level, set to one of the following:

      Default ProfilePolicy
      restrictedHeavily restricted policy, following current Pod hardening best practices.
      baselineMinimally restrictive policy which prevents known privilege escalations. Allows the default (minimally specified) Pod configuration.
      privilegedUnrestricted policy, providing the widest possible level of permissions. This policy allows for known privilege escalations.
  2. Apply the edited definition, for example:

    wf apply -f myclusterplan.yaml

Change PSS for a specific namespace

You can change the PSS restriction level for a specific namespace by editing the NamespaceClaim resource definition.

To change the PSS restriction level for one namespace:

  1. In the yaml resource definition of the NamespaceClaim, change the setting for the label to the desired default profile (see descriptions above). For example, to change the restriction level to baseline:

    kind: NamespaceClaim
    generation: 1
    labels: baseline aks-dev test

  2. Apply the edited definition, for example:

    wf apply -f my-namespaceclaim.yaml


There may be rare situations where you want to disable PSS or do a custom configuration for a namespace via kubectl, but you still want to use the namespace in Wayfinder. In this case, you can add the label true to the namespace claim. This prevents the namespace from reconciling to a desired state in Wayfinder.