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Version: 1.6

Install via Azure Marketplace

Wayfinder is offered on the Marketplace as a Managed Application. Therefore, you don't need to worry about keeping Wayfinder up to date with the latest releases, since this is all done by Appvia.

For more information, see Marketplace Offerings.

Find Wayfinder in the Azure Marketplace

To install Wayfinder from the Azure Marketplace:

  1. Find Wayfinder in the Azure Marketplace by doing one of the following:

  2. Select Wayfinder and fill in the required form, and then click the next steps.

  3. Follow the steps below to get login credentials and access your Wayfinder instance.

1 - Get login credentials

  1. Navigate to Managed applications within the Azure Portal.

    Azure Managed Applications list

  2. Select your Managed Application from the list.

  3. Click Parameters and Outputs on the left and view the Outputs displayed towards the bottom of the page.

    Wayfinder Managed Application Outputs

    An example Wayfinder URL and initial password are circled in red above.

2 - Access Wayfinder

Use the UI for initial login

  1. Use the Wayfinder URL provided in the Managed Application Outputs (above) to access your instance. For the initial login credentials use the username localadmin, and the temporary password provided.

    Wayfinder Login


We strongly recommend that you change your password following initial login. You can do this by selecting your profile icon in the top right and clicking Change password.

Access using the CLI after initial login

Once your Wayfinder Managed Application is up and running, you can access it using the CLI. Use the URL provided in the Managed Application Outputs, and the new password you have set from the above steps.

$ curl -o /usr/local/bin/wf
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wf

$ wf login wayfinder --username localadmin -a

? Please confirm password for localadmin ********************************
✔ Welcome to Wayfinder - Visit Wayfinder Docs for information on using the CLI:

Configure an identity provider (IDP)

Now that you are logged into Wayfinder, you can configure an dentity provider (IDP) to allow additional users access to Wayfinder, and connect a Cloud Organization to enable automated provisioning of Accounts and Kubernetes Clusters.


Once you have provisioned Wayfinder through the Azure Marketplace, you will then shortly receive an email from Appvia with an invite to our Support Portal, where you are able to raise any technical or general queries on the use of the product.

See the Support documentation for more information on what's covered and our Service Level Agreements.