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Version: 1.2

Upgrading Wayfinder


You must update Wayfinder's cloud access permissions after an upgrade or re-install. Otherwise it could result in access failures for new or existing cloud management. See Update Wayfinder's cloud access below.

Upgrade Wayfinder


If upgrading or reinstalling on AWS, you must complete an additional prerequisite. See Use an AWS role for upgrade or re-install.

To upgrade Wayfinder:

  1. Download the latest Wayfinder CLI.

  2. Ensure these files are present in the current directory:

    • wf-install.yaml
    • wf-install-secrets.yaml (optional, see wf install for alternatives)

    These files were created during the interactive stage of your previous install.

  3. Run the installer with no prompts:

    wf install --non-interactive

    This process takes between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the cloud vendor.

  4. Important: Follow the procedure below to update Wayfinder's cloud access.

Update Wayfinder's cloud access


You must follow this procedure after you complete an upgrade or re-install.

After re-installing or upgrading Wayfinder, it is essential any new permissions required are updated to ensure:

  • New Wayfinder features can work
  • Any improvement in access rights to existing features are maintained

To update Wayfinder's cloud access permissions:

  1. List Wayfinder's accounts for a given cloud provider. For example:

    wf -w admin get cloudaccounts -c aws
  2. For each cloud account run the following command. You need privileged access to the account to do this. Example:

    wf -w admin setup roles --cloud-account awsorg-myorg

    The command inspects the cloud account in Wayfinder and updates the account with all the features enabled (or required) for that cloud account.

    For more information, see wf setup roles.