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Version: 1.6

Viewing Cloud Costs

The Wayfinder administrator enables cost analysis for each cloud provider. Once this is done, as a workspace member, you can view the cost data for the clusters provisioned for your workspace.

The Wayfinder administrator also enables estimated costs, allowing workspace members to see predicted costs for a cluster as they create it.

View costs for existing clusters

To see accrued and projected costs:

  1. In the Wayfinder UI, if you're in more than one workspace, switch to the workspace you want to see costs for.

  2. Click the Costs page.

    Costs overview

    This page shows a Resource breakdown section, and when you select a resource, a Resource detail section is displayed.

  3. Use the buttons at the top to adjust the view to see the data you're interested in:

    • Cloud provider - You can select All Providers or a specific cloud provider.
    • Month - Use the buttons for Previous month and Next month to go to the month you want to see.
    • Date range - Click the date range button to select a different date range within a month, or spanning more than one month.
  4. To see all cost line items, including ones that have zero cost, click the Show zero-cost line items checkbox.

View costs when creating clusters

When creating a cluster, you will see estimated costs for the cluster type you select, as in this example:

Wayfinder Costs Summary

You will also see detailed node pool price estimates in real time as you edit the size and type of nodes on your cluster, as in this example:

Wayfinder Costs Node Pool