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A stage is used to isolate and test resources at the infrastructure level such as production or development. Internally, resources provisioned under these stages are labelled accordingly, and can be used when you apply a configuration such as policy, compliance, user permissions, estimated costs, network peering, and more. Wayfinder ships with two default stages namely, Non-Production and Production. Administrators can optionally create additional stages.

Administrators typically create/select a stage when they create cloud access and clusters.

Using stages

The following are some operations you can drive by stage:

  • The cloud account, subscription or project a cluster will be placed in when created, according to the account naming rules.
  • Which compliance package is applied to a cluster
  • User access policies for a cluster
  • The packages/applications that are applied to a cluster (for example, logging/monitoring agents, ingress configurations, etc.)

Create a stage

Use the wf create stage STAGE-NAME -d DESCRIPTION command to create a stage.

wf create stage demo -d "stage for demos"
✔ Successfully requested the resource ""
✔ Successfully created the stage

You can also create a stage by copying the yaml of an existing stage and then applying the yaml with the wf apply -f FILENAME command.


  • view existing stages
wf get stages
nonprod Used for non-production environments, eg. development 264d
prod Used for production environments 264d
  • output the yaml of an existing stage to file
wf get stages nonprod -o yaml my-stage.yaml
  • update the yaml and ensure that you give it a new name

  • apply the new yaml file

wf apply -f my-stage.yaml

To create a stage using Wayfinder's web interface:

  1. Click Admin, and then navigate to Stages
  2. Click the Add stage button and verify that you want to add a new stage
  3. Fill in the details as outlined in the properties section.
  4. Click Save.

Create a new stage


You can also create a new stage when you create cloud access.


IDThis is used in CLI commands, and will be used in naming resources that are based on this stage, such as cloud accounts. It cannot be changed once created.
NameA friendly name for this stage. This name is displayed when clusters/cloud access are created.
DescriptionMeaningful description for this stage.