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Get the CLI

The Wayfinder CLI allows you to interact with Wayfinder from your terminal and within continuous integration pipelines. All features of Wayfinder can be accessed equally from the UI and CLI.

See the Release Notes to find the CLI download links for the Wayfinder version and operating system you need. Download links are shown for every supported version.

You can also download the CLI from the Wayfinder's web interface by clicking the CLI icon at the top right-hand corner. You will be presented with instructions on how to download the CLI and how to log in:

Set up Wayfinder CLI

You'll still need to follow the instructions below to set up the CLI on your path.

Download the latest version

Follow the steps for your operating system:

VERSION=latest OS=darwin ARCH=amd64
curl -L$VERSION/wf-cli-$OS-$ARCH.tar.gz --output /tmp/wf.tar.gz
tar -C /tmp -xzf /tmp/wf.tar.gz && rm /tmp/wf.tar.gz
sudo mv /tmp/wf-cli-$OS-$ARCH /usr/local/bin/wf

The above commands:

  • Download the latest CLI package for your operating system to a temporary directory.
  • Uncompress the package.
  • Use sudo to move the executable to the /usr/local/bin/wf directory (Linux / Mac) or to the current directory (Windows). This is a suggested location, but you can use any location defined in your path.

Download a previous version

To download a specific version of the CLI:

  1. Check the Release Notes to see the available versions.
  2. Using the above commands, replace version=latest with version=v1.x.y for the CLI version you want.
  3. Run the commands.

CLI help

To find help for any command, run wf help command, for example, wf help create cluster.