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What is Appvia Wayfinder?

Appvia Wayfinder is a cloud infrastructure management platform that empowers developers through centralised configuration, enabling self-service. Developers can effortlessly provision their own environments without delving into the complexity of infrastructure configuration. Platform teams retain control over all platform configurations, with the ability to delegate options to developer teams when necessary, ensuring standardised and secure practices at scale. Leveraging automation, Appvia Wayfinder equips your platform team to dynamically address evolving business requirements.

You can install Appvia Wayfinder in any of the major clouds (AWS, Azure, or Google). Regardless of where Wayfinder's instance is installed, you have the flexibility to add AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and Google projects as needed.

For help or support contact our Support Team.

30-Day Free Trial Licence Key

You can obtain your 30-day free trial licence and try out a fully functional version of Wayfinder. No credit card needed. Once you've obtained your free trial licence, come back here to follow the installation instructions using the Terraform Module. If you need assistance with your installation or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Support Portal. Upon signing up for your free trial licence, we'll email you the login instructions for the Support Portal.

Getting started

Key sections for platform teams

Key sections for developers

Documentation conventions

These orthographic conventions are used in Appvia Wayfinder's documentation:

FormatUsed for
BoldUI elements: menu items, tabs, links, buttons
CodeFile names, parameters, commands, or anything else that a user types into a field, file, or CLI
CAPITALSWithin commands or scripts, user-provided values are in all capital letters. For example:
  • wf apply -f PATH-TO-FILE.yaml
  • wf create policy assignment --plan PLAN-NAME

General FAQs

How do I change my password?

  • You can change your password from within Appvia Wayfinder's web interface. Follow these steps.

What does Appvia Wayfinder's architecture look like?

In which cloud is Appvia Wayfinder installed?