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Release Cadence

Wayfinder's typical release cadence is quarterly (every 3 months) for feature releases and product enhancements. Patch versions vary and will be released more frequently in the event of bugs or CVEs being discovered and addressed.

Supported Versions

All supported versions of the product can be found on the Release Notes page.

Wayfinder versions are expressed as x.y.z, following Semantic Versioning, where:

  • x is the major version
  • y is the minor version
  • z is the patch version

Appvia will provide support for product releases (at the minor version level) for 6 months following the issue date of a final release version (not including release candidates).

After this time, the version will be at End-Of-Life (EOL). This means that it is no longer covered under the support agreement, and receives no backported patches. Therefore, customers are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

With the release cadence being every 3 months, support covers product versions N and N-1. However, if the product is released more frequently, Appvia will still support every minor release for 6 months. Any bugs, including security issues, detected in the product will be fixed in the latest issued release, and also backported to the previous release depending on severity and feasibility.

End-of-life for Wayfinder releases

See the Release Notes for details on supported releases.

ReleasePublishedEOLLatest Patch
2.713 Jun 202413 Dec 20242.7.4
2.609 Feb 202409 Aug 20242.6.5
2.514 Dec 202314 Jun 20242.5.1
2.426 Oct 202326 Apr 20242.4.6
2.324 Aug 202324 Feb 20242.3.3
2.201 Aug 202301 Feb 20242.2.1
2.122 Jun 202323 Dec 20232.1.2

Deprecation Notices

In the event of deprecating any APIs within the product, we will provide a minimum of 3 months notice. This will be highlighted in the Release Notes for each published version, with steps to migrate where applicable.