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Support and Maintenance Terms of Service

Appvia offers two subscription plans for its products:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise

Customers must have an active subscription to one of these plans to be able to access any support services provided by Appvia.

When a customer activates a product subscription (either through the Cloud Marketplace or directly with Appvia), Appvia will onboard the customer's primary support contact to the Appvia Support Portal. Customers will then be able to provide access to the support portal to additional contacts. This will enable those customer contacts to obtain technical support and guidance on using Appvia products.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

The following are the definitions and priority levels referred to in the SLAs for the Standard and Enterprise subscription plans.


Initial ResponseThe time interval from when a customer raises a new issue, to when an Appvia support agent acknowledges the request and starts work on it
Ongoing ResponseThe time interval from the when a customer updates or comments on an existing issue, and when an Appvia support agent responds
Normal Business Hours9am - 5pm local UK time, Monday to Friday excluding UK Bank Holidays
Enhanced Support Hours24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including UK Bank Holidays

Priority levels

Priority LevelDescription
Production System Unavailable
This relates to an error in, or failure of, Appvia Wayfinder that results in a complete loss of service, such as:
- Appvia Wayfinder is completely unavailable to all authorized users.
- Error affects all authorized users and materially impacts the operations of the customer's business.
Production System Critically Impaired
This relates to a system defect in Appvia Wayfinder. This covers:
- A critical error in Appvia Wayfinder for which a work-around exists
- A non-critical error in Appvia Wayfinder that materially impacts the operations of the customer's business.
System Impaired
This relates to an isolated or minor error in Appvia Wayfinder that:
- Does not significantly affect Appvia Wayfinder functionality
- May disable only certain non-essential functions
- Does not materially impact the customer's business
General Issue
This includes questions around the use of Appvia Wayfinder, feature requests, and general technical support specifically pertaining to the product.

When a support ticket is raised

On raising a ticket, customers provides an initial priority level based on their initial understanding. The Appvia Support Team then determines if the ticket has a correct priority level, and may increase or decrease the assigned priority level where appropriate. In the event that the priority level is changed, this will be communicated to the customer on the ticket.

Subscription plans

The following are response times and business hours for the Standard and Enterprise subscription plans. See Definitions and Priority levels above for more details.

Standard Plan

The following are response times and business hours for the Standard subscription plan.

Priority LevelInitial ResponseOngoing ResponseBusiness Hour Definition
P14 hours1 dayNormal Business Hours
P21 day2 daysNormal Business Hours
P32 daysN/ANormal Business Hours
P45 daysN/ANormal Business Hours

Enterprise Plan

The following are response times and business hours for the Enterprise subscription plan.

Priority LevelInitial ResponseOngoing ResponseBusiness Hour Definition
P11 hour2 hoursEnhanced Support Hours
P24 hours1 dayEnhanced Support Hours
P31 dayN/ANormal Business Hours
P42 daysN/ANormal Business Hours

Support Scope

In Scope

The following requests for support are in scope and covered by the Appvia Support Team.

  • Deployment and configuration of Wayfinder
  • Use of the Wayfinder UI, CLI, and API
  • Use of any native Wayfinder features
  • Incidents and bugs directly relating to the use of Wayfinder
  • Azure Marketplace Only:
    • Wayfinder Installer and associated managed identity for cloud access
    • Wayfinder Management Cluster

Out of Scope

The following requests are out of scope for the Appvia Support Team, however, they can be provided under a Professional Services offering if required.

  • Installation of Wayfinder (unless performed via the AWS or Azure Marketplace)
  • Support for incidents caused by the customer due to the misuse of Wayfinder
  • Support outside of Appvia working hours based on the customer's subscription plan
  • Maintenance and upgrades to Wayfinder (unless provided via the Azure Marketplace)
  • General support relating to using Kubernetes or cloud services

Marketplace offerings

You can install Wayfinder using the installer, or via a Cloud Marketplace. See these topics for more information on the Cloud Marketplaces:

Wayfinder release cadence

See Release Cadence for more information.