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Application Overview

In Wayfinder, Applications are a way to model the elements of your applications (containers, cloud resources, environments, etc) to simplify deployment and provisioning. Applications should consist of things that follow the same software lifecycle and would typically be deployed together, although individual components can be deployed separately.

CLI Quick Reference

InstructionCLI Command
Create an applicationwf create application
List all applicationswf get applications
View your application's manifestwf get applications APP-NAME -o yaml

Create an Application

You can create an application:

  • With the wf create application command.
  • Through Wayfinder's web interface by selecting Workspaces, and then navigating to All Applications.
    Click on the Create Application button and enter the details.

After you have created your application you need to:

  • Define the Components that make up your application
  • Define an Environment in which your application will be deployed to
  • Deploy your entire application or individual components, into your environment
  • View log files if you need to troubleshoot your deployment

View your Applications

List all Applications

You can view a list of your applications:

  • With the wf get applications command.
  • Using Wayfinder's web interface by selecting Workspaces, and then navigating to All Applications

wf get applications

demo 8d
test 30h

View the Application Manifest

You can view your application's manifest with the wf get applications APP-NAME -o yaml command.

wf get application coolapps2 dev-env2 -w sand -o yaml
kind: Application
labels: coolapps2 coolapps2
name: coolapps2
namespace: ws-sand
cloud: azure
description: cool apps
key: coolapps2
name: coolapps2

You can view manifest information for deployed components within Wayfinder's web interface as follow:

  • Select Workspaces and navigate to All Applications
  • Select the name of your application
  • Select the name of the environment in which your application or component is deployed

Pods Overview

  • Select the name of the deployed component
  • Select the name of the pod
  • Select the YAML tab