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Installation Prerequisites

Below are all the prerequisites you need in order to install and use Wayfinder. Skip ahead to the relevant Cloud provider's installation docs below if you already have these prerequisites in place:

Product Licence Key

To install Wayfinder using the Terraform Module, you need a Product Licence Key and an Instance ID. If you don't already have a product licence key then you can get one by signing up for a 30-day free trial (See instructions below).

30-Day Free Trial Licence Key

You can obtain your 30-day free trial licence and try out a fully functional version of Wayfinder. No credit card needed. Once you've obtained your free trial licence, come back here to follow the installation instructions using the Terraform Module. If you need assistance with your installation or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Support Portal. Upon signing up for your free trial licence, we'll email you the login instructions for the Support Portal.


The installation instructions remain the same whether you're using the product licence or the free trial licence.


To install and use Wayfinder, you will need the following tools:

Cloud Access

Wayfinder is installed into a cloud account that you have access to. See the instructions below for the cloud you want to install Wayfinder in.

Follow these steps to configure your console for access to an AWS Account using the aws tool:

  1. Install the AWS CLI.

If you are using ~/.aws/credentials in your environment, it will take precedent over the SSO profile. Either remove this credentials file or make sure it is set to the right account.

  1. Configure AWS profile, and then run export AWS_PROFILE=<profile_name>.

Cloud Resources

DNS Zone

Wayfinder requires valid DNS records during installation that can be trusted for secure web access (HTTPS).

Two DNS names in the same DNS zone are required for a Wayfinder install, for example:

  • (Wayfinder API)
  • (Wayfinder UI)

You can use any public-facing DNS zone for these records. Guides on how to create DNS Zones for each cloud provider can be found below:

Virtual Network and Subnets

When installing Wayfinder via the available Terraform Modules, an existing Cloud Network is expected for it to be deployed within. This allows you to retain control of your network and security policies and plug Wayfinder into your existing network infrastructure, e.g. deploying into a private subnet that's only accessible via a Corporate VPN. The examples located within the Terraform Module repositories will provision a new Virtual Network for you as a quick-start, but the module accepts Subnet IDs that can be passed directly to it.

To create a new Virtual Network, please view the Terraform Module examples below:

Identity Provider (IdP)

We strongly recommend that you configure an identity provider and disable local users when using Wayfinder. This can be preconfigured when performing a Terraform install, or alternatively follow the IDP configuration steps within Wayfinder once installed. Please view the Identity Provider docs for more information on how to configure an IdP and relevant prerequisites.