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Version: 1.6

Using the Wayfinder UI

You can interact with Wayfinder using the UI or the Wayfinder CLI. Both of these offer similar capabilities, and you can accomplish most tasks through either interface.

Log in to Wayfinder UI

To log in to Wayfinder:

  1. Browse to the URL given to you by your Wayfinder administrator (see the install guide if you are that administrator).

    Typically, the URL is something like

  2. Log in using your identity provider.

    To log in using as a local user, add /login/local to the above URL, for example:


If you need a non-interactive login for your CI system to access Wayfinder, you can create a robot token. See Robot Roles.

Find the Wayfinder version

The Wayfinder version is displayed on any UI page at the bottom center of the page. (It's in a very light font, so you may need to highlight it with your mouse.)

Choose or create a workspace

When you first log in to the Wayfinder UI, you will be guided to select or create a workspace. See Select a workspace in the UI.

What can I do from here?

Once you are logged in and inside your workspace, you can start to create and use clusters, create DNS zones, configure robot tokens for your CI system to talk to Wayfinder, and more.

To understand all of these features, head to the Get Started Using Wayfinder in the Developer Guide section.

Workspace menu

Administer Wayfinder

If you are setting up or administering Wayfinder in your organization, the Wayfinder settings link at the top of every page lets you enter the administrative section of the Wayfinder UI. Here you can set up cloud access, cluster plans, policies and more. See Get Started as a Wayfinder Administrator for information about configuring Wayfinder.

Administration home page

Change your password

To change your password:

  1. In the UI, click the user icon, and then select Change password.

    Menu under user icon

  2. Fill in the required fields, and then click Change password.

Switch to dark mode

You can click the Light/Dark slider at the top of any Wayfinder page to switch to either mode:

Dark mode slider