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wf assign

wf assign

Assign allows you to assign access roles (for cluster access) or wayfinder roles (for access to Wayfinder itself) to access tokens

wf assign [flags]


  -h, --help   help for assign

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug              Indicates we should use debug / trace logging (default: false)
--force Used to force an operation to happen (default: false)
--no-wait Indicates we should not wait for resources to provision
-o, --output string Output format of the resource (json,yaml,table,template) (default "table")
--profile string Use a profile other than your default for this command
--show-headers Indicates we should display headers on table out (default true)
--verbose Enables verbose logging for debugging purposes (default: false)
-w, --workspace string The workspace you are operating within


  • wf - wf provides a cli for Wayfinder
  • wf assign accessrole - Allows you to assign an access role (i.e. permissions to access a cluster/namespace) to an access token
  • wf assign wayfinderrole - Assigns a Wayfinder role to an access token, giving access to Wayfinder itself