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wf create user

wf create user

Creates a managed user


Provides the ability to preprovision a user. Notably for locally managed users.

wf create user [flags]


# Create the test user
$ wf create user test

# Create a user and provision a local identity for them.
$ wf create user --set-password


      --dry-run string      Validates resources without persisting - 'client' performs limited local schema checks and prints the resources, 'server' performs full validation of each resource with the API. Default: 'none' (default "none")
-h, --help help for user
-o, --output string Outputs the resources being applied to your terminal in the specified format (supports json, yaml).
-p, --password BOOL set a local password from stdin after the user is created BOOL
--set-password BOOL prompts to set a local password after the user is created BOOL

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug              Debug / trace logging (default: false)
--force Force operation to happen (default: false)
--no-wait Do not wait for resources to provision
--profile string Use a profile other than your current - to change current: wf use profile NAME
--show-headers Display headers on table out (default true)
--verbose Verbose logging (default: false)
-w, --workspace string Workspace to use