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wf login

wf login

Authenticate yourself and retrieve a token for Wayfinder


Used to log in to an instance of Wayfinder, by default using your currently selected profile.

wf login [flags]


# Log in to currently-selected profile
$ wf login

# Create a profile named 'wfprod' for the Wayfinder instance, and log in:
$ wf login wfprod -a


  -a, --api-url string      Specify the wayfinder API server to login
--ca-file string Path to a file containing a root CA public key to verify Wayfinder's API HTTP certificate
-h, --help help for login
-l, --local Indicates we are using a local login
--no-profile-change Leave current WF profile selected even if the login has used a different profile
--non-interactive Non-interactive mode
-p, --password string Password used for local login
-u, --username string Username used for local login

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug              Debug / trace logging (default: false)
--no-wait Do not wait for resources to provision
-o, --output string Output format of the resource (json,yaml,table,template) (default "table")
--profile string Use a profile other than your current - to change current: wf use profile NAME
--show-headers Display headers on table out (default true)
--verbose Verbose logging (default: false)
-w, --workspace string Workspace to use


  • wf - CLI interface for Wayfinder